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Heat Straightened Hickory Arrow Shafting - 11/32" by the 6-pack


Heat Straightened Hickory Arrow Shafting - 11/32" Hickory by the 6-pack

These are a premium hickory hardwood hunting shaft, giving weight and durability to your arrows. We hand straighten each one with the help of a heat gun. Using heat is the best way to straighten hickory arrow shafting - and we've done a lot of them!

Note: We do the heavy lifting on these shafts. We will get them very straight before we ship them. However - Wood arrows are always going to move somewhat with changes in humidity, etc. As with all wood shafting - you will have to fine-tune them for straightness on occasion.

Hickory is a really tough, durable, and heavy arrow. If you're looking to add some punch to your hunting arrows, give hickory a try!  

11/32" Diameter available in spines of: 60-65, 65-70, 70-75, 75-80, & 80-85

Sold by the 6-pack (Half Dozen)