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Heat Straightened Hickory Arrow Shafting - 5/16" Hickory by the 6-pack

We can cut your shafts & taper both ends for you. Enter the length you'd like us to cut them, measured from valley of the nock to the back of the point.

Heat Straightened Hickory Arrow Shafting 5/16" - by the 6-pack 

These are a premium hickory hardwood hunting shaft, giving weight and durability to your arrows.

We hand straighten each one with the help of a heat gun. Using heat is the best way to straighten hickory arrow shafting - and we've done a lot of them!

Note: We do the heavy lifting on these shafts. We will get them very straight before we ship them. However - Wood arrows are always going to move somewhat with changes in humidity, etc. As with all wood shafting - you will have to fine-tune them for straightness on occasion.

Hickory is a really tough, durable, and heavy arrow. If you're looking to add some punch to your hunting arrows, give hickory a try!   

5/16" Diameter available in spines of: 40-45, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65

Sold by the 6-pack (Half Dozen)