Moon Shot Call Lure


Kansas Trapline Products - Moon Shot Call Lure 

Moon Shot Call Lure is a Next Generation Lure developed and tested in 2020 in Maine, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, and Illinois. The reaction by the predators is an intense desire for the animal to get to that lure one way or another. I experienced little hesitation of the predators getting caught quickly as they dived into the dirt hole set. I experienced very little circling of the set as did many of the trappers using this product. We also experienced larger coyotes getting caught in dirt hole sets that are known for their avoidance you simply do not catch with dirt hole sets.

Here are my suggestions for use. 

When making your dirt hole set place your bait in the hole. Then add a tuff of grass or sheep wool to cover your bait. Use a half a teaspoon amount of Moon Shot lure smeared low near the hole to entice a digging reaction of the predator. You need to have the predator cross your trap to get at this odor which they will readily do. 

If you are choosing to use a hole flat set make your hole at least 6 inches deep and get the lure 4 to 6 inches deep. Again, use half a teaspoon amount to entice a desire in the predator to really work your set. 

This is one of the finest lures made that has already in testing taken over 500 coyotes, Fox, and Bobcats in 60 days. You don't want to go out without one of these Next Generation Lures on your trap line.