Mike Yancey's Ghost Dancer Predator Bait


Mike Yancey's Ghost Dancer Predator Bait

Our favorite blend of beaver and bobcat meat and loaded with just the right amount of oils and scents to hold the predator at the set. Designed to cause a digging and eating reaction rather than a rolling like some of the other bobcat products on the market will do. A little different base than the Medicine Man Bait and is the former Stinky Sweet bait that we have tested and sold for the last several years. We have decided on the formula and have set it in both these baits. An excellent all predator bait but designed to attract and hold Bobcats and Coyotes. I have pictures at test holes where a bobcat is chewing on the stick used to put the bait into the test hole! A teaspoon amount in the hole and you're ready to go.

 Sold in 16 oz jar