Pine Hollow Longbows Precision Slotting Jig


Pine Hollow Longbows Precision Slotting Jig

Developed exclusively for Pine Hollow Longbows! The Pine Hollow Longbows Precision Slotting jig helps bowhunters get perfect alignment when mounting stamped trade points. If your slot is not straight and true, it's almost impossible to get good flight with trade points.

This tool slides over the arrow and guides your saw to keep everything in alignment. If you're interested in bowhunting with our trade points, this is a real handy tool to have.

Note: You can also use this tool for helping to prepare your shafts for mounting stone points. If you start with a perfectly straight cut, you can custom shape the fit of the stone point from there.

Note: This tool also helps if you're planning to file self nocks into your arrows. Mare a perfectly centered cut first as a guide and then file the rest of the slot until it fits your bowstring.

The Pine Hollow Precision Slotting Jig comes in 11/32" AND 5/16". 

Sold by the each.