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Character Osage Orange Staves

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Character Osage Orange Staves - FREE SHIPPING! (Free shipping is for USA addresses, for Canadian orders please select from the drop-down menu - there is a 30.00 extra shipping fee.)

These Character Osage Staves will have either a bit of "snake" to the limbs or a knothole in the limbs. These character staves make your bow truly one of a kind. They still premium quality staves, they are not junk staves. They will make great bows if you have the ability to bring the bow out of the stave. Experienced bow-making would be a plus. 

NOTE: Some of these staves will have the bark and sapwood removed.

These are still top quality, premium staves split from large trees with the ends sealed and the bark has been left on.  If you let us know if you're looking for, we will select the type of stave that will work best for your special bow building project as far as length and character goes. Average lengths are 58”to 70".

"Mike, I’ve been building self bows and sinew-backed bows for 29 years and in all that time, I have NEVER seen Osage finer than what you sent me!!!!  IT IS SUPERB, beautiful, and SWEET to work with.  Your Rattler skins are just as high quality!  You have a customer for as long as I am alive! If you ever need a testimonial, you got it! " Paul Brunner

"I bought three osage staves from you and they are the best. I have two made and they are the most awesome bows!"  Thank you, Ernie Woda

About Bow Staves from Pine Hollow Longbows:

We offer only quality air-dried bow staves.  Each one is cut, split, the ends are sealed and then we treat them for bugs. When you order a bow stave from Pine Hollow Longbows, you can rest assured that you will receive a very nice workable stave - we will not send one out that we would not use ourselves.

Note: We sell only top-notch quality staves. We do our best to keep fully dried staves in stock, but sometimes the demand for staves exceeds the supply.

For that reason, there may be times that you will need to complete the drying process once you receive the stave.

If you phone in your order we can tell you what we have in completely dried staves. If you order online we may ship you a stave that is nearly ready but not quite - but we will make a note on your order letting you know how much more drying time we expect you should give your stave before working on it.

Wood is a natural product with its own personality.  Staves always have character and yours may have a challenge or two like a twist or some knots you might have to deal with. This is normal.  Most primitive bowyers strive to let the wood be the bow it wants to be and if you work with the wood instead of against it, you'll learn a lot more and enjoy a deeper connection with your bow. 

Take your time, get to know your stave as you're working it.  Embrace its twists, dips, and character.  When you finally get to the point of shooting it, you'll not just have a bow, but a trustworthy hunting partner. It is this character that makes a selfbow truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. Welcome to the most satisfying form of bowbuilding there is.  We're glad you've decided to join the ranks of primitive bowyers world wide.

You can order staves below...  Please call us if you have any special requests or would like to describe the type of bow you plan to build.

Note: We have never and we never will ship a stave that we don't think will make a bow. We guarantee every stave we ship.  If you find something wrong and a stave fails because of a flaw, we will replace it. BUT in all fairness - We will not guarantee a stave if you break it because of a design or workmanship flaw.

Caution!! Building bows from natural materials can be dangerous. It is always recommended that you have some degree of training and knowledge before attempting to build bows with natural materials. Always proceed with caution and utilize proper safety measures, like wearing eye protection at all times, while building and shooting your bow.  When you purchase any of our products - you accept full responsibility and you agree to hold Pine Hollow Longbows, Inc. exempt from any lawsuit and harmless in the event that any sort of injury occurs.