Reuwasst's Deep Creek All Predator Paste Bait, 1-pint


Reuwsaat’s Deep Creek All Predator Paste Bait has a deep, penetrating odor that calls predators to your sets and keeps them there working your sets.  This all-weather bait is deadly on coyote, bobcat, coon, red fox, grey fox, and badger.  This bait is top-notch during the season while fur trapping and is also great year-round when predator control trapping.

Reuwsaat’s Deep Creek All Predator Paste Bait is a versatile bait that is dynamite at dirt hole sets and flat sets.  It is put up in a thinner paste form so that it has staying power at your sets and it has been freeze proofed so that it keeps calling predators in cold winter trapping conditions.

Lee Reuwsaat is a professional fur trapper who caught and put up 432 coyotes during the 2013/2014 season and 458 coyotes during the 2014/2015 season.  This is his go-to predator bait.

1-pint container