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One on One Sinew Backed Osage Selfbow Class with Mike Yancey

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Three days of intense bow building one on one with Mike Yancey in his shop in Arkansas. You will learn how to rough out, shape and sinew back a bow.

Then you will learn how to finish one that Mike has already sinew backed and dried which will be the bow that you complete and take home with you.

For this class the use of tools as well as a seasoned sinew backed Osage orange bow blank will be provided.

Mike has been hunting with these kinds of bows for decades and has taken quite a variety of game. These clinics are designed to allow Mike to share virtually everything you could possible want to learn about building his style of sinew backed osage bows. 

Not only will the entire process of building the sinew backed Osage bow be discussed, finishing, decorating, and bowstrings will be covered in great detail. As a special bonus, Mike will cover the nuances of shooting and hunting with these bows as well. 

This is the entire package. Learn to build the bows, care for them, and hunt with them.

Lunch will be provided. There will be specials on supplies at the time of the clinics. 

Cost to attend one of these clinics is $1,000.00. 

Lodging and transportation will be the responsibility of the student.

While there you can browse the showroom, shop and pick up bow staves or other supplies.

Note: All deposits and payments for bow classes are non-refundable.