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BPE Professional Series Fletching Jig


BPE Professional Series Fletching Jig
Compare the features - no other fletching jig even comes close.
Comes with your choice of one fletching clamp in; Left Helical, Right Helical, or Straight.


  • Constructed of aluminum and glass-filled nylon for individual or commercial use
  • With all of the advanced features, it is amazingly easy to set up and use.
  • Will do three fletcher 120°, 4 fletch 75° x 105°, 60° x 120°, 90° x 90°, 5 fletcher, 6 fletcher 60°, and any other combination that you can think of — with no additional purchase necessary.
  • Will fletch with cock fletch up, down, out, or any other angle desired. No disks, receiver, etc. to purchase or install.
  • The head is degreed using a CNC milling and is accurate to 1/10000 of an inch for setting both the fletch and nock angles. Each 5° is marked.
  • The degreed to head ensures quick and accurate setup, whether setting one or 50 units.
  • 3” x 5” data index cards available to record information for quick set up at a later date.
  • Indexable upper shaft support is designed to hold each size shaft from 14/64-inch (0.218”) to 25/64” (0.391”) perfectly centered through the use of exact sized and numbered slots. The shafts cannot move while applying the fletching.
  • In most cases, the magnet bar or clamp angle does not have to be moved when changing shaft sizes, saving setup time. The clamp angle must be changed when changing from one clamp style to another.
  • Tapered nock receiver self-centers the nock.
  • Hard indexing contact points for non-wearing accuracy. No ball bearings or disks to fool with.
  • Available with right or left helical or straight clamps. Furnished with one clamp of your choice. Additional clamps available.
  • Clamp angle is adjustable for angular fletching.
  • Quick detach base allows fletcher to be quickly removed for adjustment or storage when not in use. Also keeps large, long shafts from tipping the fletcher over — even with points installed. The actual fletcher is not screwed down.
  • Comes complete with wrenches, screws, and instructions, including a chart for setting all commonly used flexing and nock angles.