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CAMO DUST - Camouflage for the human scent.


CAMO DUST - Camouflage for the human scent.


Not a masking agent.

Not a cover scent.

All Natural.


Sock applicator included.

Our ability to detect odors while outdoors can’t even come close to that of big American game. That trophy-sized buck you’ve been seeing, but can never seem to get close enough to get a shot at, can smell the telltale odors of humans from 1/2 mile away.

A feral hog can detect scents up to five miles distant. But the all-time champ is the black bear…who can detect carcass smells TEN to TWENTY MILES AWAY! Don’t give big game the edge! Eliminating human scent and getting close is key to any successful hunt.

Camo Dust is an easy-to-apply, safe, and EFFECTIVE scent eliminator that works all day to level the playing field tip the scales in your favor when stalking that elusive trophy buck.

* Patented formula isolates odor-producing molecules

* Thick ‘sock’ style applicator included

* One can is good for 8-10 hunts

*Can be easily applied when hunting alone

* Get closer than ever before, and get the shot Whether you’re bow hunting, using a muzzle-loader, high-powered rifle, or even a camera, don’t get busted…get dusted.

Try Camo Dust on your next hunt, and join the thousands of satisfied hunters with the WALL HANGER of their dreams!