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Navajo Wool String Silencers


Navajo Wool String Silencers - One Pair

The ultimate, all natural, handmade string silencer produced by Centaur Archery

The Navajo is a small sheep with exotic color variations and a double coat comprised of wool and contrasting guard hair. This unique sheep is descended from an ancient Iberian breed, the Churra. After forced decimation to near extinction, an effort was made to help Navajo Indians recover and nurture the breed that was vital to their heritage. Now, a century and a half later, the Navajo is rare yet stable and its wool is highly prized by artisans and fiber enthusiasts. This wool is unusually strong and the ultimate for rugs, saddle blankets, outer garments and now….string silencers. Spinning the wool by hand is essential to preserving the lanolin, normally stripped by the mechanical process. Lanolin, also known as wool wax, is the naturally occurring element of the wool that makes it completely waterproof. Each and every silencer is painstakingly hand crafted to retain the authenticity, quality, functionality and tradition desired by the most discriminating archer. Unlike heavy hide or synthetic based silencers, Navajo silencers are ultra-lightweight and retain performance, while exceptionally dampening vibration. Due to its rugged, waterproof, lightweight, performance retaining and vibration dampening qualities, Navajo wool is nature’s answer for the perfect string silencer.

Sold by the pair